About Our Products

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Why you will love to shop with us?

At Toy Closet, we offer the newest, hottest toys that every kid loves! That is why we are constantly updating our store with new brands and products to keep parents and most importantly their young ones happy! Yes, at Toy Closet, we deliver smiles!

We source from local distributors in the Middle East, with the widest selection of kids toy brands sourced internationally, from global manufacturers. All of our products are sourced and approved by high standards of safety and durability for every parent’s peace of Mind.

Finally, as proud parents of two, we know how expensive kids’ toys are, this is why we sell all our toy products at the most competitive prices in town. 

Our aim at Toy Closet is to combine quality products with personalized service, to ensure that once you’ve shopped with us, you will definitely shop again!