Mealtime Magic Mia

Mealtime is Mia’s favorite time of day! This expressive and lifelike feeding baby doll recognizes, recalls and playfully reacts to over 50 food combinations! Using a special light-up smart spoon and double-sided food tray, mix and match different fruits and veggies! With over 70 sounds and phrases, discover Mia’s exciting reactions as she recognizes and reacts to the foods you feed her! Make mealtime magical with Mealtime Magic Mia!


Smart Spoon Technology

Feed your Mealtime Magic baby with her light-up smart spoon! With smart spoon technology, scoop food from the double-sided food tray, and the spoon will light up the same color! Choose from 10 different foods, including strawberries, lemon, peas, carrots and more. You can even dip the spoon into 2 different foods to create fun food combinations for Mia to try. Plus, with Mealtime Magic Mia, enjoy all the feeding fun without the mess!

70+ sounds and phrases

Mealtime Magic Mia’s dynamic facial expressions and movements will amaze you! With over 70 realistic sounds and phrases, she is so lifelike. Mia calls out to you when she’s hungry, opens her mouth to say “ahh” when she’s ready to eat, and reacts to the foods you feed her, just like a real baby! She can open and close her eyes, move her mouth, and she’ll even stick out her tongue to playfully blow raspberries! Fall in love with the most expressive and lifelike feeding baby doll: Mealtime Magic Mia!

Even More Fun Ways to Play

There are so many ways to play with your Mealtime Magic doll! You can burp her after feeding by gently patting her back. Tickle her and she responds to your touch with sweet baby giggles! Mialoves to play Bouncy Baby – bounce her up and down to make her giggle, and if she’s feeling extra playful, she may even blow a raspberry at you! Mia also has an interactive 2-in-1 bottle and pacifier. Feed her and she really suckles on it, or soothe her – the bottle’s top comes off, becoming a pacifier! Rock Mia to sleep in your arms and listen for her heartbeat!

Mealtime Magic Mia

  • DYNAMIC FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: With a moving tongue, mouth and blinking eyes, Mealtime Magic Mia is so lifelike! Watch her react to foods with over 70 sounds and phrases, blow raspberries and more!
  • MEALTIME IS THE BEST TIME: With 10 foods on her double-sided tray, use the light-up smart spoon to create fun combinations. Mia can recognize, recall and react to foods with yum, sour or yuck expressions!
  • EVEN MORE WAYS TO PLAY: Tickle Mia and bounce her for sweet giggles, soothe her with the 2-in-1 interactive bottle and pacifier, rock her to sleep and more!