Present Pets, Interactive Self-Unboxing Puppy

Which Puppy Will You Get?

Introducing Present Pets, the only gifts that unbox themselves! Inside each Glitter Pups themed box is 1 of 2 possible interactive puppies – you won’t know who’s inside until you pull the gift tag! The box will shake as your adorable pup paws her way out! Which Glitter Pup will you get? Cocoa and Casey each have expressive eyes, soft fur, a rainbow bow and glittery details on her paws, ears and collar!

Oh, So Fancy!

Fluffy, sweet pups with sparkly bows, cute mismatched ears, and rose gold accents! Which adorable new best friend will be revealed in the Fancy Pack?

Glitter and Shimmer!

Soft, spunky pups with glittery ears, shimmery bows, and adorable heart eyes! Which precious interactive surprise will reveal herself in the Glitter Pack? There’s only one way to find out!


Watch The Video

Present Pets - Fancy Puppy Interactive Plush

INTERACTIVE SELF-UNBOXING PUPPY: Your Present Pets pup is so excited to meet you, she paws her way out of her own gift box, tears off the box’s outer layer, and pull the gift tag to start the big reveal

Present Pets - Glitter Puppy Interactive Plush

A PUPPY THAT’S JUST FOR YOU: It’s a surprise who’s inside – Princess or Kweenie, each Fancy Pup has expressive eyes, floppy ears, super soft fur, and rose gold details on her paws, ears, collar, and bow

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