Hands Full! 3 Games in 1


  • Put your twisting to the test with this family game night essential! With over a million tangled combinations that you can jump into right away, Hands Full gets you moving with fast interactive fun!
  • Don’t let go or you lose! With over 15 crazy moves this interactive game always gets out of hand. The challenge is to keep your Hands Full while you jump, high five, shake, dance, twist and more!
  • Solo mode: Level up as you master the moves. Complete all 6 levels to become a Hands Full master! 1 player; Survivor mode: Compete to be the last player standing! Don’t let go or you’re out! 2-4 players; Team mode: Complete a sequence of crazy twisted moves. If anyone lets go—it’s game over for everyone! 2-4 players.

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Hands Full is endless, tangled fun for the whole family! The challenge is to keep your hands full while you jump, high five, shake, dance, twist and more! Hang on tight – don’t let go, or you lose! Master your moves in SOLO Mode, play together to beat a twisted challenge in TEAM Mode, or get competitive as you play to be the last one standing in SURVIVOR Mode! With 3 games in one, 15 fun moves and over one million crazy combinations this interactive family game always gets out of hand!


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